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Whether you are looking to fill a permanent vacancy, labour hire requirements on your site or train your staff, Reagan Careers can help. We provide an end-to-end employment service, we support you and your employees throughout the entire recruitment and employment cycle.

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Australia’s Skill Shortage

In 2015, skill shortages continued to be limited in the Australian labour market with around 70 per cent of vacancies filled. Shortages are more prevalent for technicians and trades workers than for professionals.

6 professions are in shortage

21 trades are in shortage*

Why are so many vacancies unfilled
when there are so many applicants?

The reasons are varied, but include:

• No applicants considered to be suitable (many lack relevant qualifications and qualified applicants often lack soft skills or experience)
• Inability to agree on the terms and conditions of employment
• About 6% of employers did not attract any applicants.

* SOURCE: 2015 Skills Shortage. Australian Government, Department of Employment

How we can help!

We work in consulation with BOTH the job applicant an employer order to:

• Improve applicant suitability by matching the applicant skills sets with the skillsets required in the role. Additionally we can provide traing for applicants to ensure they meet the requirements of the application.
• Ensure that the terms of the role meet the expectations of both the applicant and employer through our consulation process.
• Promote roles and through our multiple channesl including social media platforms which provide the greatest reach to the ideal applicants.

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